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Angie Oberhelman, MSEd, PD, LMHC, LPC, NCC

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Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness=College Choice Confidence
Personal Training for your emotions to gain confidence, stress management and effective coping skills
College Bound? There are so many workshops and books available to help prepare you for college academically, financially, and organizationally but are you ready emotionally?
During the first, most critical year, nearly 25 percent of students at four-year colleges or universities drop out.  College counseling centers are flooded and the top issues being presented are anxiety, depression and relationship problems (friends, roommates, family, and boyfriends).

Feelings are never right or wrong and often cannot be stopped, but you can learn how to mange them so you come from a place of confidence and positivity.  Changing the way you view situations, making sure your thoughts are accurate and not allowing your emotions to dictate your actions are all ways to becoming more emotionally fit.  Learning effective coping skills to handle any type of stressful situations (such as:  navigating new friends, roommate issues, academic pressure, independence, managing your time and organizing your tasks) and feeling confident are the keys to a successful college experience and being emotionally fit.

You will learn in this 5 step program:
1) Coping Mechanisms
2)Self Esteem/Confidence
3)Stress Management/Mindfulness
4)Time Management Skills
5)Positive Body Image

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