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Angie Oberhelman, MSEd, PD, LMHC, LPC, NCC

LifeForce Yoga®

Founder, Amy Weintraub’s journey towards recovery from her own mood disorder began in 1970 with a daily meditation practice. In 1989 she began to practice Kripalu Yoga, and it was that daily embodied practice joined to the breath that freed her from depression. Since then, she has studied with Yoga masters and meditation teachers in the U.S. and India and done extensive research to develop a practice that weaves ancient Classical and Tantric practices with current scientific understanding of their benefits and contraindications.

No matter your lineage or the yoga “style” in which you practice, LifeForce Yoga can offer you strategies to enhance your mood without changing your basic practice. The daily practice of LifeForce Yoga will diminish your sense of separation, which is the literal source of depression. The connection you feel to that which is most authentic within you and your connection to others will be enhanced.

LifeForce Yoga is a practice of compassion that creates a big enough container to embrace and accept all the dualities of mood. The practice is adapted to the student, so each individual can move into a balanced emotional, mental, and physical state of equanimity and self-awareness.

Practices include:

  • Pranayama and kriya breathing techniques that regulate the emotions
  • Meditations that lift the mood
  • Creating Affirmation (sankalpa)
  • LifeForce Yoga Bhavana (Imagery)
  • LifeForce Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation
  • LifeForce Yoga Nidra (sleep/awake, a form of meditative self-inquiry)
  • Asana (postures)
  • Tones that regulate the emotions (mantras)
  • Hand gestures (mudras)
  • Nondual Self-Inquiry through writing and Dyad Sharing

I completed Amy Weintraub's first LifeForce Yoga® training in 2014 and my RYT-200 training at Three Sisters Yoga, NYC in 2015.  I incorporate LifeForce Yoga techniques with clients in talk therapy/clinical setting as well as private yoga and/or meditation sessions for individuals who just prefer to have a balancing, centering and relaxing therapeutic experience. I wholeheartedly believe in these practices as they have become a daily part of my life. Please visit for more information and research that supports the efficacy of LifeForce Yoga.